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Pierce Conservation District offers numerous workshops throughout the year on wide ranging topics that can help improve your property and impact conservation efforts throughout Pierce County. You can browse some of our workshops by category below or visit our general calendar to see a full list of upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Group Workshops
If you or your group or business would like to request a workshop, your Pierce Conservation District technicians are here to help with several great topics up our sleeves. From buffers to electric fencing to fertilizer applications to manure, mud, pasture management and more. Workshops are a great way to generate interest and conversation and get people to come through your business’ door

  1. Farm Workshops
  2. Water Quality Workshops
  3. Harvest Pierce County Workshops
  4. Habitat Improvement Workshops
  1. March 29

    The Difference a Good Liming and Calcium Nutrition Program Can Make Gudrun Mart of Columbia River Carbonates will walk through developing a liming program for your farm to boost productivity and improve your bottom line. Better and more predictable results can be achieved by knowing the right material, right amount, right place and right time when it comes to liming. Gudrun will illustrate her recommendations with examples of studies, observed crop and pasture responses and experiences from her years advising farmers. There will be an opportunity between the ...
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  2. April 7

    Hilltop Orchard Spring Kick Off Work Party Come help us whip the Hilltop House Orchard in to shape for the 2018 season!
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  3. April 17

    WSU Cover CropWorkshop and Field Day – PLUS No-till Drill training Come find out what researchers at WSU Puyallup are learning about integrating cover crops in PNW farming systems, and stick around for the first opportunity to complete the training session for operating the drill required to rent the drill.
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