Volunteer & Internships


Come join us at one of our scheduled knotweed workshops or bending events.

Program workshops and bending events provide continued education and outreach to private land owners (as well as anyone else who is interested in learning about this invasive species) about the detrimental impact knotweeds have on our local ecosystems.

These events are a great opportunity to get involved in your local community and also serve as an excellent way to meet others who share the same interest in the protection of our local ecosystems.

Summer Employment

If you are looking for hands on experience in the environmental field, PCD can help. The Knotweed Control Program offers seasonal work opportunities throughout our survey and treatment seasons. Learn how to conduct invasive plant surveys and perform integrated pest management (IPM) practices used for knotweed control.


For more information, email Kate Terpstra, Knotweed Control Program Manager.
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