Because of a combination of raising temperatures and reduced rainfall in the summer, the risk of wildfires is on the rise in Pierce County.  There are easy adjustments that you can implement on your property to be FireWise, and prepared in the case of a wildfire.  Contact us as an individual or community to find out what the experts know about the best way to make your home and neighborhood safer from wildfire. From the basics of defensible space and sound landscaping techniques to research on how homes ignite (and what you can do about it), there are tips, tools and teachings you can use!


Sign up for a Site Assessment

Pierce Conservation District staff are prepared to perform site assessments for either individual properties or communities to determine the risk of fire to the property, and tangible steps to reduce that risk.

After signing up for a site assessment on this form, one of our staff members will contact you to determine a time that works with your schedule for a site assessment. The assessment will last approximately one hour, and during the visit you will need to accompany staff around all buildings on your property. Our staff will be looking for potential risks and hazards that would allow a fire to catch on your property. After the assessment, you will receive a detailed report of the findings, along with suggestions of how to mitigate your risk.

Sign up for Chipper Days

Some of the ways that you can create defensible space against wildfire are removing low-hanging tree limbs and debris from near your home. If you need help to have that debris removed, simply sign up here, and we will arrange a time to bring a chipper to your property. Chipper days work best when coordinated after as Site Assessment, which is a free service that shows you where your fire risk exists.

All wood chip is available if you would like to keep it, or we will use it in one of our many habitat restoration projects.

Fires in Pierce County

Pierce County Brush Fires Contained, Residents Told To Stay Alert (KOMO News August 1st, 2015)

18 Counties in Washington Under ‘extreme fire danger,’ including King, Pierce, Snohomish (Q13 Fox August 3rd, 2015)

Crews contain large brush fire in Pierce County's South Hill (KOMO News July 14th, 2015)

Want to Learn More?

Join us at a free film showing of the “Era of Megafires” listed on our online calendar. 

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